Wire Sawing
Column:Industry trends Time:2018-07-12

Wire Sawing is a versatile method of cutting reinforced concrete, brickwork or masonary and is used where other methods of drilling or sawing are not practical such as cutting out mass filled concrete, removing plinths, bridges, staircases and can be used to flush cut to existing walls.
There are 2 types of wire saw we operate, the first of which has a hydraulic drive, this is driven via either a petrol powered or a 3 Phase hydraulic power pack and can therefore be used indoors as well as outside, it is a modular system making it very light and manageable which is ideal for working in restricted areas, this can be used to create new openings (Doorways/Windows) in existing reinforced concrete walls, it can also be used to cut openings in suspended floor slabs all where stitch drilling would once have been the only option.
We also operate a 3 Phase electric wire saw, this is used on much larger projects and is incredibly versatile this can also be used to cut opening in walls and floors plus other work you can read about in the case studies section of the site, this is electronically driven and controlled it can also be used in or outdoors.
The wire saw works with a continuous diamond coated wire running through a series of pulleys and then threaded around the girth of the concrete to be removed or cut, once the machine is set up the tension on the wire remains constant and is controlled remotely away from the cutting area, as the cutting progresses any slack is taken up and stored on the pulley system on the machine until the cut is complete, this method of cutting has a virtually limitless depth or size of cut.
As the wire saw is semi automated it is operated a safe distance from the work area therefore there is no contact between the machine and the operator during the cutting process, reducing fatigue, eliminating HAV and the risk of injury.